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Individual & Group Coaching

​Through coaching, I help others recognize the possibilities that exist and seize opportunities to create a more meaningful and generative existence.

  • Leadership Coaching: 1:1 coaching focused on the development of an individual’s capacity to lead themselves and others for an enhanced experience of work, collaboration, and success.

  • Growth Coaching: 1:1 coaching that allows for an individual’s exploration of and growth in areas of interest with the goal of experiencing life in more fulfilling, meaningful ways.

  • Group Coaching: Coaching for in-tact teams or groups of people bound by a shared purpose.


Experience Design & Facilitation

​As much as I love to learn, I love helping others learn even more by creating development experiences that generate deep understanding and inspire meaningful change.

  • Custom design & facilitation of development experiences focused on the needs and goals of the participants.

  • Development experiences could range from relatively brief, singular workshops to comprehensive development programs including participant assessments, facilitator-led learning, asynchronous integration activities, peer support plans, 1:1 leadership or growth coaching, and other elements to ensure the highest level of impact.



Assessments that are well-researched and validated offer important information that enhances self-understanding and provides insights for growth.

  • Administration and facilitation of a range of Barrett Values Centre Assessment Tools


What Else is Possible? 

I’m a collaborator and enjoy exploring possibilities to connect and collaborate on a client’s needs, and expand and evolve myself and my work. If what you see here is interesting but doesn’t meet your specific need, I’m eager to talk about what else is possible in how I could support you.

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