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“With Dané’s individual and group coaching, our leadership team has risen to a new level! She tailors her coaching to our current team needs, while also factoring in individual requirements. Dané has played an instrumental role in each team member's professional development, but more importantly in our personal growth!”


Jackie, VP, Customer Care & Sales Success, Global Tech Company

“Dané’s spirited and authentic way of coaching brought immense growth to our leadership team.  As a business grows, you reach the stage where it’s time for the owners to trust the leadership team they’ve assembled to take them to the next level.  Dané was instrumental in working with the owners and Directors individually and as a team to move us thoughtfully in this direction.  Three years later, the same Director team exists and now Dané coaches our Managers as they climb our career ladder.”

Renee, President & CEO, Technology Solutions Company

“Dané is an amazing coach, a great teacher, and a wonderful human being. Over the last 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in a small group, in 1:1 coaching, and in larger training groups – Dané has been excellent in all the situations that I’ve seen her in. I can confidently say that without the support and guidance Dané provided, I would not have been as well trained, prepared, or successful in my leadership journey as I’ve been.”

Nic Lindsey, IT Professional leading team of 5

“Dané is an exceptional coach and facilitator to not only myself but my team.   With her encouragement she helped us open up and dive down deep.  She was so encouraging and willing to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely.  During the time we worked together Dané became not only someone I turned to for help but a friend.  She never stopped at just coaching sessions but would continue to encourage and guide us through regular articles and touch points.  She has helped me become a better version of myself.”

Vanessa, Tech Company Director overseeing 30+ team members

Over the last year Dané has pushed me to outwardly explore internal dialog around numerous subjects. We’ve touched topics such as confidence, beliefs, fears, as well as organization, coaching, and conflict.  You name it, we’ve probably talked about it.  Dané is invested in each conversation with a sincere curiosity, and expresses a genuine interest in my personal and career growth.  

John, Operations Manager, Global AV Company

The time Dané spent working with our company and leadership team has proven to be incredibly valuable.  Years later there are still nuggets of knowledge that get used time and time again, proving that her training and coaching provided long lasting, positive effects.  She hit core issues that challenged us and changed the landscape of how we think, the way we behave, and how we engage with others.  She had our team committed from the very first session and continued to build trust throughout the duration of our partnership.  I highly recommend her to any company looking for help in the growth of their leadership and employees.  You will not be disappointed - after the first call you will see why she is a gem in this industry.

Andrea, Director, Technology Solutions Company

Dané shines at what she does. I've had the pleasure to work with her as a leadership development partner, coach collaborator, and as a fellow lifelong learner. Not only is she a gifted facilitator and experience designer, her positivity, collaboration, and deeply human-centric approach elevate the project at hand and uplift everyone involved. I highly recommend being part of whatever Dané is doing!

Vanessa Hagerbaumer, Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur

Our team has been working with Dané for over four years. She has brought us new and different leadership topics and facilitates meaningful exercises to put those into practice with our teams. She has helped us create the strongest leadership team I have ever been a part of. During our individual coaching sessions she is able to provide guidance for specific situations but also help with the larger vision – she asks the tough questions when needed! She is very caring, kind, and willing to be available for you or your team anytime. She is a wonderful mentor and will always be a large influence on the way I view leadership and lead teams.

Kari Rivers, Director Sales Effectiveness, Global Tech Company

Having worked with Dane' on various projects over the past three years, I know her well. Because she is curious, you can rely on her to provide answers but then bring more value than you could have ever expected. She is laser smart, dedicated to research, and has incredible follow-through with clients and colleagues. What I value most about Dane' is her wisdom and patience with the humanness of everyone she meets. She is generous, kind, fun, and funny. Her stellar education, life experience, and witty sense of humor create a well-balanced and whole person whom I can trust. I know that any work I do with Dane' will be rock solid because she is rock solid.

Christina Dyer, Founder & CEO, Culture & Change Consultant, Executive & Team Coach

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