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A Little About Me

I am a leadership and personal growth coach and consultant and a development experience designer and facilitator. I'm also a complex and beauty-full human being (like you!) dedicated to the development of my knowledge and skills and the evolution of my own consciousness.


My greatest joys in life are 1) learning and understanding new things or learning and understanding things in a new way, and 2) making meaningful connections with people, whether for the short or long-term. I find both of these activities to be vital in leading a fulfilling life. 


I value:

  • Authentic relationships rooted in empathy, trust, acceptance and love - I am not afraid to use the word love, and I mean it when I say it!

  • Openness to all ideas and perspectives, non-judgment, and curiosity about how ideas and perspectives are formed and how they might inform my own - I’m not afraid to change my mind.

  • Thoughtfulness and presence - I think it’s fundamental to experiencing life to its fullest.

  • Personal well-being - I love to move my body, eat well, engage in activities that challenge and expand my mind, and let it all go for an occasional day of indulgence in whatever entertains my fancy.

  • Good humor and having  fun - I LOVE to laugh and to share laughter with others!

dané and dog bacon

Me and my guru. His name is Bacon.


My approach to my work is grounded in 

  • Building strong relationships with my colleagues and clients

  • Aligning around a shared purpose and goals

  • Practicing conscious leadership as we do the actual work to fulfill the purpose and achieve the goals

  • Utilizing well-researched practices and methods while being open to new and progressive concepts and tools


I enjoy getting to know my colleagues and clients as we do the vital work to fulfill the purpose and achieve the goals. I am honored to call most of my colleagues and many past clients good friends.


I strive to see the people I work with fully - not merely as my colleague or client. I want to see their personality, the alternate roles they play in life, and what makes them tick. Of course, I can’t force this type of opening up, but I do my best to be authentic in offering my full self and practicing curiosity and non-judgment to encourage others in doing the same.  I find this type of connection produces better understanding and deeper trust. This, in turn, leads to greater, more sustainable project results and a more meaningful working experience. 


Training & Experience

Life is an ever-unfolding learning journey that is never complete - and that’s the joy of it! We are blessed with a continuous offering of highs, lows, ebbs, flows, challenges and insights that give us a never ending pipeline of opportunities for growth and expansion. 


I grew up in a small, rural town and was the daughter of a single, working mom of two. Most of the adults I knew never had the option for education beyond high school. Thus, I am very grateful to have had the opportunities to complete the following educational and growth programs, which aid me in effectively supporting my clients in a variety of ways. I also thoroughly enjoy the ongoing self-development, both individual and collaborative, that is the foundation of how I live my life and how I approach my work. There is always more to learn, other methods to try, and new experiences to create growth and expansion.


  • Leadership-Focused MBA, Bradley University, 2014

  • Professional Coach Certification, International Coaches Federation, 2022

  • Certified Authentic Leadership Coach, Raleigh Coaching Academy, 2019

  • Training & Mentorship in Needs-Based Communication, Ongoing

  • Barrett Value Centre Culture Transformation Tools Certification, 2022

  • Blueprint of We Collaboration Tool Training & Certification, 2022

  • Facilitating Breakthrough Facilitation Approach Study, 2022

  • Scaling Intimacy Design Approach Intensive, 2021

  • Facilitating Virtual Collaboration, The Grove Consultants International, 2020 

  • Various Human-Centered Design & Design Thinking Courses, 2013 - 2019

Visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about the deep and varied working experiences that led me to this point in my career. It’s been a wonderfully interesting journey (not without its challenges) that continues to evolve in ways I never imagined!

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